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Press release 2079 Ashad 20

RaPraPa Nepal August 2, 2022

Press release 2079 Bhadra 16

RaPraPa Nepal September 2, 2022

Press release 2079 Shravan 31

RaPraPa Nepal September 2, 2022

Press release 2079 Shravan 30-31

RaPraPa Nepal September 2, 2022

Press release 2079 Shravan 30

RaPraPa Nepal September 2, 2022

In the national politics of Nepal, RPP Nepal is a political party that stands with different ideas, different identity and an alternative roadmap for nation building. RPP Nepal is a party that believes that the development and economic prosperity of the country can be maintained even by protecting Santan religion, culture and tradition. Building a prosperous and equal society through good governance based on the concept of nationalism, democracy, eternal Hindu nation and liberal economy is the main goal of RPP Nepal.

The main objective of RPP Nepal is the restoration of a Hindu nation with interfaith equality and complete religious freedom.

RPP Nepal has assimilated the nation builder Shri 5 Badamaharajadhiraj Prithvinarayan Shah as an ideal man. RPP Nepal has adopted the “Divine Precept” of the nation builder as a guiding principle.

RPP Nepal has given the main priority to control corruption and solve the problem of unemployment. We believe that maintaining quality education and easy access to health for Nepali citizens is the main responsibility of the state. We believe that energy, tourism, industry and infrastructure development should be given importance for the overall development of the nation and the private sector should maintain a leading role in the promotion of the economic sector.

In this way, within 6 months of the reawakening of RPP Nepal with a clear idea and goal, it has received a lot of goodwill, support and cooperation from the common people. We are very excited about this. We have passed the initial pain and suffering phase of forming a party in a new way. As the party president, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all Nepali brothers and sisters who supported us during this period. Also, I look forward to continued love and support in the days to come. Best wishes to all, may all be blessed.

Kamal Thapa