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Why RPP Nepal?

Press Release

Why RPP Nepal?


After the promulgation of the Constitution of Nepal, we Nepali people are going to exercise our right to vote in the elections of the House of Representatives and the Provincial Assembly for the second time. The country is still in the midst of a serious crisis. The operation and influence of external forces have increased rapidly. Totalitarianism is prevailing under the guise of democracy. Corruption and unemployment problems have become severe. The fire of religious conversion has spread throughout the country. This election cannot solve all problems and crises. However, if we are able to make the right decision, then this election will contribute to creating minimum peace, stability, and a democratic environment in the country. In this situation, we call on all the voters not to be prisoners of the party, but to be self-respecting citizens of democratic Nepal and only to review the terrible situation of the country. For the upcoming elections, the RP expresses its commitment as follows.

  • Equality and freedom will be maintained for all religions. However, forced and organized religious conversion cannot be done.
  • Sanatan religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Kirat will be protected and promoted. In addition, assistance will be given in the construction and protection of religious places such as monasteries, temples, monasteries, etc.
  • Paush 27th will be a public holiday to celebrate the birth anniversary of the nation builder Shri 5 Badamaharajadhiraj Prithvi Narayan Shah as National Unity Day. The picture of the Nationalists will be kept in all offices and schools.
  • Cow slaughter will be punishable. At least one gaushala will be constructed in each municipality for cow protection.
  • All kinds of caste discrimination and untouchability will be made punishable. The evil practice of prohibiting temple entry on the basis of caste will be ended.
  • “One family, one job” will be guaranteed.
  • Employment will be promoted by setting up a self-employment fund. Training, subsidized loans, and other assistance will be provided to the unemployed from this fund.
  • All local taxes will be exempted for 10 years for industries employing more than 25 people.
  • Agriculture will be commercialized, mechanized, and modernized. “One Village” – City One Product” policy will be implemented.
  • 20 percent of the total budget will be allocated to the education sector. Education up to the secondary level will be free.
  • The education sector will be freed from politicization. Teachers cannot be members of political parties.
  • A special action plan will be implemented to improve the educational quality of government schools.
  • Every year, one person will be sent to study as a doctor and one as an engineer from the funds of the village municipality. A person who has studied in such a way will have to work in the respective village/municipality for at least five years.
  • A maternity (birth) center with at least 15-bed hospitals will be built in each village and a hospital with at least 25 beds in each municipality. Cancer and kidney failure patients will be given 1 lakh for medical expenses.
  • Within 5 years, health insurance will be provided to every citizen of the village/municipality.
  • Women Health Volunteers will be paid at least Rs. 5000 subsistence allowance will be provided.
  • A lump sum of Rs. 7,000 nutrition subsidy will be provided.
  • A special housing project will be implemented to provide housing facilities to the target group with low income.
  • Within one month after the election, the financial situation of each family will be surveyed. On the basis of such a survey, a program will be conducted to gradually improve the economic status of all, starting from the weakest.
  • Within 5 (five) years, all the extremely poor families will be provided facilities in the areas of housing, food, education, health, and employment. Within 10 (ten) years, the standard of living of everyone in the village/municipality will be raised above the poverty line.
  • Every house will be supplied with electricity and water. In addition, a 50 (fifty) percent discount will be given to very poor families on electricity and water charges.
  • The motorway will be provided in each ward within 5 years.
  • “One house two plants” campaign will be conducted.
  • The community electricity development concept will be implemented. An initiative will be taken to give tax exemption for up to 20 years to the community active in electricity development and distribution.
  • The city market will be illuminated by conducting ‘Solar Batti Abhiyan’.
  • The leading role of the private sector will be ensured in areas such as agriculture, infrastructure development, industry, commerce, communication, tourism, and energy promotion.
  • A corruption-free administration will be established at the local level.
  • 15 percent of the total budget at the local level will be allocated for education, health, and employment programs for women and children.
  • A special action plan will be implemented for the upliftment of tribal, tribal, Dalit, Madhesi Sumdaya, Muslim, and minority communities, and remote areas.
  • At the local level, at least one playground or stadium and a covered hall will be constructed within 5 years.
    RPP Nepal will never close Nepal. A legal arrangement will be made that cannot be closed.

RPP Nepal is standing in front of you with different ideas and a different roadmap to free the country from the crisis. Trust us, we resolve to save and build the country. We appeal for your cooperation, sympathy, and support. Our election symbol is Utiru. Give an opportunity to serve the country and the people by giving your valuable vote.

Kamal Thapa

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