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Biography of RPP President Mr. Kamal Thapa

Personal Detail

Biography of RPP President Mr. Kamal Thapa


Currently, Kamal Thapa, a resident of Budhanilkanth Municipality Ward No. 4, Pasikot, Kathmandu, B.S. He entered politics in the year 2031 as a member of the Nationalist Independent Student Union. He held the leadership of the student body until 2033. Thapa, who holds a master’s degree in political science from Tribhuvan University, served as an elected member of parliament in 2043-2046 and 2051-2055, and was a member of parliament and member of the Constituent Assembly from 2070 to 2074.
Thapa, who was the chairman of RPP Nepal from 2062 till now, made a special contribution to the party and organization by being the spokesperson of Rashtriya Prajatantra Party from 2047 to 2058 and as the general minister of Rashtriya Prajatantra Party from 2058 to 2059.
From 2045 to 2074, he successfully held the responsibilities of many ministries. Under which Thapa has been nominated for Home Affairs (twice), Foreign Affairs (twice), Information and Communication (twice), Local Development (three times), Health, Energy, Agriculture, Housing and Physical Planning, Law, Justice and Parliamentary System, Forestry and Land Conservation. He held the responsibility of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Nepal from 2072 to 2074 in the changed political situation while holding the Ministry.
Thapa, who has a special interest in sports, was a member of the National Sports Council from 2034 to 2044, the Secretary General of the Nepal Olympic Committee from 2041 to 2045, the President of the All Nepal Football Association from 2035 to 2044, and a member of the Asian Football Federation from 2039 to 2047. was
In addition, he served as the President of Nepal Youth Organization from 2039 to 2043, the founding member secretary of the National Youth Service Fund from 2042 to 2047, a member of the Constitution Reform Commission in 2037, and an assistant professor of the Forestry Institute of Hetouda in 2034.
Kamal Thapa, who is counted among the top ten in Asia in terms of political leadership, has also published the books ‘Challenges of Conflict Management’ and ‘Ekpatko Sainik Jeevanko Sainik’.

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