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Migration Department


Migration Department


Purpose of Formation of Immigration Department 

RPP Nepal Affiliated Migration Department has been established by law. This department will take reasonable steps to solve the problems of Nepalese migrants by studying the various problems faced by Nepalis in desolate countries as well as protecting the rights and interests of millions of Nepalis who are scattered abroad for employment. Apart from this, the Migration Department will take concrete steps to organize the Nepalis who are in migration and increase awareness about the nation and nationality. Re-establishing Nepal’s international identity ‘Hindurashtra Nepal’ and realizing the main agenda adopted by RPP Nepal to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of good governance and prosperity, the Department of Migration is trying to establish the national identity of Nepal by organizing interaction and dialogue among the common Nepalis scattered around the world.

Dharma Gurung, Chief
Contact: 9841841781

Manoj Jaswal, Secretary
Contact: 9857011205

Nikki Thapa, Member

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